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Jay Z’s Tidal now worth $250 million



After Tidal’s launch last week , Aspiro the streaming company Jay bought with $56 million dollars of his own money has quadrupled in value just weeks after his bid was accepted, Aspiro is valued at $250 million, the New York Post reports.

According to the UK. Business Insider

It looks like Jay Z’s star power has paid off, as Aspiro is reportedly valued at around $250 million. The New York Post also says that Tidal has gained 100,000 paying subscribers since the New York press conference. It had just 35,000 subscribers before the Jay Z acquisition.

Sprint is partnering with Tidal to bring the streaming services to phones using the network. It sounds like Sprint is going to bundle a Tidal subscription in with the cost of a phone contract, as a Sprint employee said there are “specials” on the way.


Congratulations to Jay… The app is pretty dope, just need get the browsing down, other than that, the quality is great…

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