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I doubt money can cure a grieving mother who has lost their child to suicide however Brigid Sweetman seems to think otherwise. Sweetman is the mother of Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend Cathriona White who committed suicide September 2015.

Sweetman is now coming for Carrey’s money with lawsuits that include her wanting a house and threatening to take her own life after Cathriona’s suicide. Carrey isn’t going for that. In a counter suit Jim says Cat’s emailed him in November 2015 to say people were vandalizing her house with foul messages and leaving death threats in response to Cat killing herself. She believed she was getting blamed for Cat’s death because some degrading posts and comments she left on her daughters Facebook profile during her birthday.


I am at the point of killing myself.”

Brigid confessed to Jim that she was at the point of killing herself but wanted him to buy a house for her. When Jim declined he stated that Brigid became bitter and angry. Carrey is filing a response to the wrongful death suit saying that Brigid didn’t love her daughter but instead loves money.Jim went on to say, “I loved her face. I loved her Irish voice. I loved the way she smelled.” He says from November 2014 they shared a “beautiful ten-month relationship filled with sweetness, caring and affection.”


There’s a twist to this though. In a few of Cathriona’s suicidal notes preceding her father’s death, she wrote about STD’s when her body was discovered one of the notes to Jim said “You are my family” and left him in charge of her burial and estate. She did not in either note mention her estranged husband or mother but consistently mentioned heartbreaks and betrayal.

Something in this tea…. don’t taste right!

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