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Jump Off Takes Picture of Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman After Sex


I swear these players sleep with anything and Julian Edelman, who’s a wide receiver for the New England Patriots got caught out there after winning the Superbowl. Her name is Sabrina who’s also from Boston and she posted a picture of Julian sleeping on Tinder with the caption: ‘I Just Had Sex with Edelman, No Lie!’



She’s been under fire all day and she details what happened: “He passed out and I was bored I guess. I was drunk … and I made a mistake and I feel terrible about it.”

Sabrina also talked about some of the players texting her, saying how disappointed they were in her actions, but she’ apologized stating that it was a mistake…

These chicks are messing the game up for other’s…. It’s like everyone is clearly looking for a come up, but now she’s going to get dragged for life for posting Edelman’s picture on Tinder with that caption to let everyone know that it’s real… Pathetic….

She just looks like the type of girl that would be on Facebook like “gym flow”, “pumping gas”, “taking a *selfie*”, “doing my taxes iz hardddd”.
She thought she was gonna get her 15 seconds of fame and people been dragging her all day … What happen to making your moves on the low. People not knowing who you are with. You hold him down and he respects your discretion and rewards you nicely for a closed mouth!



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