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Kanye West Apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars


Kanye West is really trying to show us that he’s turned over a new leaf, afteralmost pulling another Taylor Swift moment with Beck and ranting that Beyonce should of won ‘Album of the year’ Kanye is apologizing to Beck and Bruno Mars….

Back in 2013 Kanye West trashed Bruno Mars in one of his famous mid-concert rants as a ‘pretty muthafucka’ who didn’t deserve all the accolades he was receiving. Now Kanye wants Bruno to sing the hook on one of his tracks so he’s apologizing for that…

I wonder if he was smart enough to recognize the irony in him calling out Bruno Mars for being a ” sell out ” when he married into a family that sells their souls for a living ?

Last night Kanye West Tweeted an apology to Bruno Mars and made a public plea for Bruno to bless him with a hook.
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