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Kanye West Takes Shots At Amber Rose: “If Kim Dated ‘Ye first There Would be no AMBER ROSE”


We told you yesterday that Kanye would be back on the Breakfast Club and as promised he is there…. Of course he was talking about Beyonce and how she should of won Record of the year.. But the shots he took at Amber Rose…. Was priceless…. We don’t have the full video of his interview, but here is a clip of him saying the shadeiest thing about his ex…

Yee asked about Amber and if she is sulking?, Then played a clip of Amber talking about Kim and how she could be dope if she stopped acting fake… Then Kanye stated: If Kim dated ‘Ye first there would be no Amber Rose! and that he had to take 30 showers after Amber to get with Kim….

He CONFIRMS the Kylie/Tyga relationship!!!

Tyga just “got in early” according to Ye…

Then tried to backtrack after they told him Tyga came to TBC and said they were just friends… Talmbout “I can’t really speak on it!” TOO LATE YE! LOL!

But overall this fool is holding his composure… I’m disappointed…

Kanye and the K’s attempt to slut shame Amber can never work considering Kim’s history. IT NEVER WILL.

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