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Karrine Steffans Confirms Whether or Not She Was The Cause of Mary J. Blige and Husband Breaking

Rumors are swirling about there being a third party involved in the demise of Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaac’s marriage and of course Supahead aka… Karrine Steffans name has been brought to the table…

Now she’s breaking her silence on the matter and giving very vague responses..

According to Karrine states:

“I have known Kendu for 10 years, through mutual business associates and friends. I consider him a friend, yes. Not a close friend, but a friend nonetheless,” she tells, without giving a firm “no” to the question of whether or not the two were having an affair.

She gives a similarly vague answer when asked if he’s been helping her out financially: “Why would I need anyone to do that? That doesn’t make any sense.”

She did go on to say, however, that the story was fabricated. “Leaked is not the right term; the right term is ‘made up,’ and I don’t know who did this but it had to be someone who has something to gain by it,” she says. Asked who would have a motive to do so, she adds, “I’m not a detective so, I don’t know. But divorces are messy and anything and anyone is fair game, especially when there are millions of dollars at stake.”

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