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Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Drama Filled Relationship With Matt and Her Mother’s Mental Illness

Kenya Moore is sitting down with B. Scott to talk about her drama filled relationship with ex Matt Jordan and how it has taken a turn for the worse…

Check out a few excerpts from her discussion:

On her ‘shit show’ with Matt:

“It’s just one of the things that I’ve been dealing with regarding his anger and his emotional outbursts. That was just one of the first times that the show learned about it — because we were filming at that time. But before, in Mexico, you know he admitted to kicking in the door and having that outburst. That was the first time I saw him get like that since we had been dating — for over a year.”

On whether or not substances may contribute to Matt’s outbursts:

“You know what, honestly, I’ve never seen him do drugs. He doesn’t smoke. He doesn’t excessively drink. I can’t say [his anger] is from steroids because I don’t have any proof of that. I’ve only heard what other people have speculated — but I’m not going to say someone’s doing drugs when I don’t have proof of it. But, I was concerned with the behavior and at some point I did question it…but I never got any real answers.”

On what Matt could ever possibly do to make their relationship work:

“He has done so much. Love is not enough. First of all, I believe that’s a very loaded question. I don’t think it’s possible. Admit to lying, admit to not being honest about what everything was. Having some real intense therapy for a while. I don’t think that it’s immaturity anymore. I think there are other things at play. I’ve seen too much and I know too much. And some things I will never say because I think that you have to draw a line some place — especially when you’ve ever had love for someone you’re gonna hold their deepest, darkest, secrets. And I will always do that. I will never betray him that way. And if he wants to talk about those things, I will allow him to talk about it. But I will never talk about it.

So, for me you need to seek real, intense, therapy and allow the therapists to do their jobs.
I’ve had therapy. I’m not ashamed of it — in fact, it saved my life. I mean…you know how I was with my mother. My mother used to sit in the same with me, this close from each other, and not even look at me. [She would] acknowledge everyone in the room and not look me in my face. She wouldn’t even say ‘hello’ to me — and I was her child. And that happened for most of my life. So you can’t tell me that I didn’t benefit from [therapy].”
I’m not ashamed of that.

On Sheree’s ‘At least my mother loves me’ shade:

“That was a low blow. See, the thing is — I’m shady in a funny way. I’m shady when you come for me, but I am not shady to the degree of cruelty. All of those girls have come to me on a level of [cruelty] — Phaedra talking about how I have ‘scrambled eggs, you know talking about how I have fertility issues as a woman. Who does that? But nobody says anything about that. And now Sheree, talking about [my mother] after I was vulnerable enough to show me walking up to her front door to get her to talk to me. And you wanna use that against me because I told the truth that your house wasn’t in your name and that it’s in your mother’s name? You wanna come for me and talk about my mother not wanting me? And a decision she made when she was 15-years-old having a child? I didn’t have anything to do with that. I wasn’t even born. She was a child having a child. I don’t judge her for that. I judge her for the treatment of me during my life. I don’t judge her for not wanting to keep her child.”

On whether or not she believes her mother suffers from mental illness:

“I absolutely think so. [One time] me and my cousin…I hid in a closet and I had a pre-recorded message for her because she wouldn’t talk to me. She wouldn’t acknowledge me. So..we recorded this message, saying, ‘I know you and my dad had to love each other at one time. You don’t have to allow me to call you ‘mother,’ but can I be your friend?’ I hid in her closet. My cousin covered me with clothes and all kinds of things. When she came home I pressed play. She went in the closet and tore all of the things off of me. She looked me in my face and said ‘I will never be your friend and I will dog you for the rest of your life.’ To my face. Then she ran to my grandmother who took up for me — for the first time that I saw with my own two eyes. My grandmother said ‘How can you treat her that way?’ My mother looked at her and said ‘I have never had a child.’

That is sad as hell!

So, you can’t tell me that somebody who is capable of doing those things is in her right mind. And I’m not going to sit here and say my mother’s evil. My mother is sick. She has a sickness. I don’t know what it is. I tried my hardest. I wanted to understand it. I never could understand it. I wanted to be a child psychologist. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be sitting and talking to little kids because that’s where my heart is. I wanted to help kids navigate mental health issues. So, I am the FIRST one that will say, ‘You know what, get some help.’”

Look at her full interview below:

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