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Keyshia Cole’s Sister Neffe Blast Husband Soullow After Episode of Iyanla Vanzant!

Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe married her husband Soullow on a whim about 10 years ago when she was pregnant for another man, now they were on the Iyanla Vanzant show to help fix their failing marriage….

Once the show aired, Neffe really had a full view of her relationship and she did not like what she saw… With that, she put Soullow on blast and her little sister elite jumped in as well… See after the break…

Elite then chimed in to put her two cents about their toxic relationshis:

This whole show all I watched was soullow thro my sister under the fucking bus for sympathy and a pat on the back! And lies … the lies …….. Sis if this don't open up your eyes I don't know what will…… it's not time to celebrate , it's time to let go for my nieces and nephew sake, every other year you guys showcase being Homeless and Hungry on national television, as a unit how is that possible? now I'm all for turning pain into power but this Jesus is just heart breaking ,as a woman You can do bad all by yourself ! I watched this man physically,verbally and mentally abuse my sister in front of the kids which is why my niece is talking "Suicide" , this episode literally tore my heart to pieces ! Now true enough we are all battling demons,strong holds and generational curses but allowing a man to drag me and my child thru the mud while im trying to find myself just isn't in my DNA…….good advice @iyanlavanzant but poor judgment

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