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Khia’s Ex Assistant Spills That She’s Sleeping With A Very Married NFL Player….

The kids are coming for Khia and it’s her ex assistant and he is telling it all… He decided to come through and spill somethings about Ms. Thug Misses Khia.. Bailey Dolce is saying that she has a self sabotaging behavior and he is also responding to her accusing him of stealing her coins..

Bailey is stating that Khia owed him that money, because she had no money to pay for the room they were staying in Las Vegas… Says Khia hasn’t owned the rights to my neck my back for years and sold it for 50,000. And it’s possible to be sued Everytime she performs it.

Bailey also reveals that Khia never liked TS Madison, she secretly used to talk about her for being a transgender who kept their genitalia and slut shaming her for being a porn star that filmed porn in the same basement they’re now filming in for QC. Says that maybe the reason for the shake up after they made the transition from the living room to the basement due to “bad mojo”

Says Khia has been the point side chick of a 23 year old married with children NFL player.

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