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Khloe Kardashian ‘Wants Face-To-Face’ With Amber Rose After Twitter Feud


Khloe Kardashian wants that face to face action with Amber Rose after their Twitter Feud the other day. To Khloe the feud between them is far from over…

“Khloe would not stop and it took a sister intervention yesterday to put an end to the back and forth between her and Amber,” the source tells exclusively. “She was so riled up about this that she really wants to have some face-to-face words with Amber.”

According to

According to the source, “Khloe could not believe that she called out Kim’s video because that is the lowest of lows and it is the one thing that no one ever says to any of them. The fact that she called her a wh*re infuriated her.”

“Kim’s sex video has almost been the pink elephant in the room for years, so when Amber threw that out, Khloe just went off.”


Khloe needs to sit her big behind down and stop trying to act like she about that life. Just because you’re built like Dave the Barbarian doesn’t mean you can fight.

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