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Kim Kardashian Suffering From PTSD, Building $100k Panic Room !

Kim Kardashian wants a place to feel safe since her robbery ordeal, she’s now building $100k panic room inside her $20 million dollar home in L.A.

Sources are saying that Kim Kardashian has been calling her therapist all times of the night, the panic room will be made to withstand a fire of over 1,000 degrees and a 7.0 earthquake,’ said an insider.
The construction will begin immediately.

‘Kanye has hired a company that protects government officials in war-torn countries,’ said the friend. They’re saying that Kim Kardashian is worse off than any one would guess, ‘She’s been suffering severe panic attacks and refuses to be alone. She’s been having flashbacks and nightmares. She’s a nervous wreck. She gets especially anxious late at night.

‘When the kids are sleeping she has time to think and she just replays that dreadful night over and over

Kris added that her maternal instinct has taken over since the incident on October 3, and she is focusing solely on her children now.

Quit with the lies now….. We all saw you Kim… Chilling facetiming on your phone at the time this alleged robbery happened….

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