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Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show

Lady Gaga took to the biggest stage in the world, performing all of her hits and I must say I was jamming! There were 300 drones dancing behind Lady Gaga during the Superbowl halftime show.

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Starting on top of the stadium’s roof, Gaga began by singing an all-American medley of “God Bless America,” “This Land is Your Land,” and the Pledge of Allegiance before she dove off the roof and onto the field while suspended by wires in mid-air.

Once in the arena, Gaga jumped into a slew of her own songs including “Edge of Glory,” “Bad Romance,” Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” “Telephone,” and “Just Dance.”

Gaga moved around the stage, nailing cardio-intensive dance choreography before strumming a keytar while one of her backup dancers became a human mic stand.

She then sat down at a piano while the crowd held up electronic flames. “How you doing?” she asked. “We’re hear to make you feel good,” Gaga said before launching into “Million Reasons,” off her most recent album Joanne.

The show, which reportedly cost the NFL $10 million to produce, featured her mega-hit “Bad Romance” and the over-the-top aesthetic that’s become closely associated with Haus of Gaga.

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