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Leaked: Marlon Wayans Audition Tape For Richard Pryor


Leaked footage of Marlon Wayans auditioning for the role of Richard Pryor, which will be directed by Lee Daniels with Oprah Winfrey also attached to play Richard Pryor’s grandmother.

Thanks to reader “Dave,” here’s footage from Wayans’ Richard Pryor audition tape, made with the contributions of Omar Epps. But the role now belongs to Mike Epps, so, no matter what you think of Wayans’ attempt in the tape below, it ultimately doesn’t matter.

Director Lee Daniels really has not spoken publicly much about the project; although he did say that, much like Chris Rock said he was blown away by Marlon Wayans’ audition, Daniels, and his producers, The Weinstein Company, were just as taken by Epps’ performance. Here’s the footage; the first half, I’m told, was written and directed by Bill Condon (director of films like “Dreamgirls” and “The Fifth Estate”); the second half is a Pryor monologue.


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