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Logic, whom some consider one of the most gifted rappers of this generation, breaks down why he changed his third album, entitled “AfricAryaN” to “Everybody”. “It’s about me being biracial. Its about me being black and white, and seeing the world from both sides,” the mixed race rapper stated. However, the original title was met with controversy from both blacks and whites alike due to the underling message of the title.

On Wednesday, in a attempt to ease his diverse fan following and decrease controversy surrounding his long awaited album, Logic dropped an album trailer and a revamped name for the album: “Everybody”. In an interview with Hard Knock TV, Logic states that while finishing the album “it became less and less about me, and more about evebody else”. Hence the new title, Everybody. Regardless of the bad aura surrounding the original title, fans are expecting big things out of this third album, which is set to release on May 5th.

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