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Louisiana’s ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law Makes Resisting Arrest a Felony Hate Crime

Are you serious…. Louisiana’s “Blue Lives Matter” law was intended to make police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel protected classes under the state’s hate crime statute. Now one person saying that this law maybe used to do more punishing than protecting these Blue lives…

According to The

St. Martinville Police Chief Calder Hebert, while praising the recent legislation, told a local ABC affiliate that anyone who resists arrest or gets physical with an officer could be charged with a felony hate crime.

“Resisting an officer or battery of a police officer was just that charge, simply,” Hebert said. “But now, Gov. [John Bel] Edwards, in the legislation, made it a hate crime now.”

Hebert’s interpretation of the law is quite dangerous, as resisting arrest can be a fickle charge. What it is, and isn’t, depends on the individual officer. For instance, if a police officer grabs a protester’s arm during a demonstration and that person makes a movement the officer considers aggressive, a minor trespassing or disturbing the peace charge could be bumped up to assault and possibly considered a hate crime.

Louisiana is one of at least 37 states that has enhanced penalties for harming a police officer, regardless of the attacker’s motivation. Killing a police officer is automatically classified as first-degree murder, regardless of if the crime is premeditated. Assaulting or battering an officer is also charged more harshly.

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