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Malik Yoba Being a Chatty Patty, Talks How Dame Dash Sold Drugs After His Mother’s Passing



I guess Malik Yoba is looking for that Monique treatment, he interviewed with Charlamagne tha God on his podcast called “Brilliant Idiots’ and talked about his upbringing with former Rocafella executive and CEO Dame Dash…  Malik stated how the two grew up around each other during the early days of MCing. Dame would model in the New York Times, he went to a White private school but when his mom died Dame did a 180 and became a drug dealer.

Malik says that it surprised him because even though they lived and grew up around that environment, Dame always seemed extremely preppy but the death of his mother made really made him just be about that life. I’m not surprised even though Dame may talk a big game , but rappers, especially the popular mainstream ones, aren’t real thugs and this is just a prime example.


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