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Matchmaker Suggests Black Women Should Consider Dating Bi-Sexual Men

Matchmaker Shae Primus is trying to suggest that black women should consider dating bi-sexual men…. People really like trying black women, it’s literally like a hobby to them I’m convinced… Shae feels that black women are not open to giving people a chance if they don’t fit the criteria… They love painting black women as lonely, desperate, angry or undateable/unmarriable.


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Shae Primus is a certified matchmaker based in Atlanta. Her company, Middleclass Matchmaker seeks to connect middle-class professionals going through life sans a partner. During a discussion on her company message board, Shae Primus shocked members by suggesting women give men who have experimented with same-sex relationships a chance. “It’s unfair that many women have had same-sex experiences, but at the same time, they judge men who have experimented with the same sex. Even if a guy has had one experience, most women will totally write him off as undateable.”

Primus says many of these women have gone through bisexual phases, decided the lifestyle is not for them and yet still expect a man to step up and marry them. As a result of the double standard, she says men who have experienced same-sex relationships or consider themselves bisexual are forced to lie or simply give up dating women. Instead of totally running at the first sign of a same-sex past, Primus suggests women have an open dialogue with a potential partner to determine if he is still in that lifestyle or not before totally writing him off.

Besides sexual history, Primus says women strike men off their potential lists for superficial issues such as not having a car, or “enough money” or even too many children. “You can’t love people by qualifying standards; allow people to grow. You can meet a person today who is struggling financially trying to get their life back together and by the end of the year they are up and rolling. Guess what? You just missed out on a great guy. When you help someone build, it teaches you and builds your character, and it also means the man will have loyalty to you. You get the chance to grow together,” Primus suggests.

She references the love affairs of Barack and Michelle Obama, along with Denzel and Pauletta Washington as examples. “In both of those situations the husband talks about the wife being with them when they had nothing, yet we don’t want the beginning stages of those that #relationshipgoals,” Primus laughs.

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