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Meet The FAM: 2 Girls.And.A.Guy #IMPACTRadio


Meet the latest edition to the CelebrityXO family, the host’s of new radio show 2.Girls.And.Guy with Marli D, Ko-Ko and Lisa K. giving you all the tea every Tuesday from 9 p.m.- Midnight..

If you live in the tri-state area you can listen to the hottest radio show in NYC on Impact radio station ‘Where Music Makes an Impact’on 88.7 F.M. The show officially debuted October the 6th and since then they’ve been on fire, if you are looking for a nostalgic good time, then give these guys a listen. The show is broken up into segments, you have ‘Ko-Ko’ on behalf of giving you the latest news in entertainment and music…. Then you have ‘Chop It Up’ with Lisa K author of book called ‘By Design’ they call her Ms. Get it Right, Keep it tight.. Being the voice of the ladies….. Last but not least, we have Marli D the wise guy from Brooklyn and his segment is entitled ‘Keeping it Real With Marlie D, The Truth Teller’….

These players are talented and as they’re growing stronger with each show, you definitely need to make it a point to tune in.. In fact they’re already the number one show on the station.( Go Figure)…… 2 Girls and A Guy is filled with laughter along with giving you that truth serum, from a man and woman’s perspective….. So, you get the best of both world’s. So, make sure you tune in every Tuesday, from 9 p.m. to Midnight to get your life…You can also listen on line at Listen to a previous shows below to see what you’ve been missing and if you miss any shows in the future…… You can always log on to CelebrityXO to catch up…

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