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“MeMpHiTz” Wright Talks Being Separated From Toya and Speaks on if He Really Loved Her ?


Memphitz is breaking his silence with Sister 2 Sister magazine’s own Jaime Foster Brown to talk about his marriage to wife Toya Wright, the industry and if he truly loved Toya…. Memphitz talks about being fired from Sony the day he got married to Toya and going back and forth with her on whether or not he should do Love and Hip Hop with his Ex- K. Michelle to defend his name and reputation. He is setting some thing’s straight..

I’m sorry this is getting real messy right now…. Check out his interview below….. We also got word that Toya is preggers, but it’s hush, hush though because they say that she’s early…. This is “Allegedly” now, because I thought he had a vasectomy either before or after they got married…..? I guess we will have to wait and see…

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