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Mike Tyson Recalls The Time He Got Tupac Into A Nightclub


Mike Tyson interviewed with DJ Whookid and recalled the time when he had to pull some strings to get Tupac inside a night club they were partying at….

Tyson spoke with “The Whoolywood Shuffle” and detailed how he acted as a liaison between Pac and the club’s management when they refused the rapper access to their establishment. According to the iconic boxer, it started when he was enjoying a typical night on the town.

As he laughed, cried and reminisced with the honchos of the club he was patronizing, a young and unknown Pac and his 50-person entourage arrived in hopes of getting in and turning up to the organizers’ refusal. Of course Pac wasn’t famous, but he begged the club owner after they had a little bromance moment to let the aspiring rapper at the time in.

Mike Tyson laughed as he was telling the story, saying that once Pac got in, he did what he did best and got on the microphone to rock the crowd.. Check out his story of that night below:


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