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Moniece Slaughter Claims Tank Got Her Pregnant Alleges That Girlfriend Zena Foster Cheated on Him With The Game

These reality stars are truly trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame anyway they can, even if the relationship was way back in the Titanic days… Moniece Slaughter is coming forward to talk about her throwback relationship with R&B struggle singer Tank….

Moniece says that she was 19 and Tank was 30 when the two started to date one another and though she was warned not to date the overhill crooner; she went ahead and did it anyway…

Now she’s claiming that she’s responding to an interview he did and she felt that she needed to defend herself…

Moniece says:

I was confused as to how you come up here and talk about me for 47 minutes, before you publicize and promote your music. You have a whole live-in woman, who you are still disrespecting by hopping in the DM’s of women that I know, currently. You cheated on her with multiple women, myself included. But then you lied to her and told her that I was before her.

And then she cheated on you with The Game and some more people. She also had a c-section to give you a son on your birthday. You’ve got a son that you made on a drunken night, off a lot of Patron. Who you had a very public custody battle for. Who you don’t really see, raise or spend time with. You should focus on your children, your dysfunctional relationship. You should continue to perform at very small venues, disrespecting your woman by allowing female fans to grope your genitalia and raw, sweaty chest.

Moniece also says that she got pregnant by the singer but decided not to have their child.

I was 19. You were 30 going on 31. You got me pregnant because we had unprotected sex, multiple times and I chose not to keep that pregnancy.

Watch full interview below:

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