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My Personal Story: Living With Depression

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This is something I’ve never told anyone not even those close to me I’M LIVING WITH DEPRESSION. Growing up I was a happy child well that’s what I was told, but I always felt different and never could place my finger on it until I got older and realized I was gay; however that wasn’t the cause of my depression. Lets fast forward to 2013 the year everything changed the day I lost my mother I would have to say was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with, alot of emotions come over you I was happy, sad, frustrated. angry pissed off I just couldn’t grasp the fact that my best friend, ride or die, living journal my protector was gone forever. A few days after her funeral I tried to take my own life I tried pills like the people did in movies and tv shows, but GOD had other plans for my life, I’m not saying it got easier I went through what I thought was hell. I basically had to find myself again and discover what made me the person I was once before; now my mom never taught me to give up but I felt I had no choice I thought i couldn’t live without the 1 person that was my lifeline on earth. Let’s fast move to 2015 I’ve gotten a little bit better the crying was still there, but it didn’t stop I still had my moments of why, I miss her, please GOD bring her back to me; however I knew her assignment was done and GOD needed her more than I did. Now tragedy struck again GOD called my grandmother home to be with him. But this time I held myself together for the fact that my grandfather needed me this time and I couldn’t be selfish and just focus on myself I had to be a pillar of strength for my family, so need still healing from my mother’s passing and now my grandmother anyone would break and never get back up. So with all this being said I was diagnosed with depression in 2013 and put on medication, and it helped it bothers me when the black community say’s just pray about and don’t worry about it, but that’s the problem we cant keep telling people to not worry and just pray yes that’s good to do at all times, but there is nothing wrong with medicine and seeking help. Don’t make anyone feel like they are any less human because they need help mentally. BE KIND AND LET SOMEONE KNOW THEY MATTER!!!!!!!

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