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New Artist Tuesday: Jaye Watts


Meet the future of music, she goes by the name of Jaye Watts who is a native of Dallas, Texas  and a true mogul in the making… Jaye  is a force to mess with because she can also write and compose her own music. Jaye is a published songwriter with licensed material on HBO, Nickelodeon and Disney to name a few. She’s perfected the craft of pinning anthemic songs for some of the industries hottest recording artists such as Christina Aguilera and Jill Scott.

Jaye’s ability to deliver a song is the reason she has been selected to open in concert for major recording artists like, Trey Songz and merit phone calls from Clive Davis himself!

In addition to her domestic shows, she heralds merits from living legends as an opening act on major international tours all over Europe with artists and bands like Sister Sledge, Kool & the Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Ms. Watts brings her own distinguished sound to the game, which is new and refreshing, her music encompasses a blend of harmonic voices and her sound is sure to captivate the ears of every listener and provide them with a unique experience. Check out her latest single, which is a certified banger called “MONET”


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