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Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Ex Brutally Attacked

While Nicki Minaj and her man Kenneth Petty are overseas on tour, his ex-girlfriend was brutally attacked which left her bloody and bruised!

From the Jasmine Brand

Kenneth Petty’s ex-girlfriend Noelle, a New York City bartender, recently revealed on social media that she was the victim of a brutal attack at her home. In the photo, there is a considerable amount of blood seen on the floor and smeared around, indicating that there was a struggle.

Noelle also explained that a man came to shoot her in her home and dropped his gun. She also added that she was thankful that her daughter was not present at the time of the attack.


Later in a now-deleted post to her Instagram stories, you can see that she was severely beaten, bruised and swollen from the attack. In the text on the post, she simply put, “F**k the hater

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