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OJ Simpson Bragged About Sleeping With Kris Jenner In New Documentary?

This is going to be the week from hell for the Kardashian Klan, in a new documentary titled Who Killed Nicole it appears that OJ allegedly bragged about sleeping with Kris Jenner causing her to end up in the hospital! Whew Chillay!

From Page Six:

Simpson said he and his then-wife Nicole, and Robert and Kris Kardashian, were in a Jacuzzi one night while vacationing together, according to Norman Pardo in his new documentary, “Who Killed Nicole?”

Nicole and Robert turned in, leaving O.J., then 44, and Kris, then 36, alone in the bubbling water. Kris and Nicole were also good friends.

“‘O.J. said he stood up, pulled his shorts down and, I’ll give you exactly what he said: ‘Her eyes bugged out of her head and I f–ked that B until I broke her.’”

Of course that was what ultimately ended their friendship before Nicole’s untimely death. Click link above to watch video!

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