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Our Favorite Celebs Sending out Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day for romance. Whether you have that very special someone to share your heart with, or you’re a single pringle, our favorite celebrities always know how to put us in the mood for love.

The beautiful Kim Kardashian West and hubby Kanye West pucker up to show us how they do Valentine’s Day right! They definitely know how to give us some serious romance FOMO.

Michelle Obama Instagrammed this adorable pic showing us that no one does V Day quite like the Obama’s! They are playing footsies on the beach today, making us want to pack up our sun hats and sun block and head off to an island paradise where the only lover we need today is a margarita!

Spending Valentine’s Day alone this year? No worries! We can all just cuddle up with a book of sappy love poems like Diane Kruger and reminisce in the day dream that could be our love lives. If you’re not single, read some poetry to your Valentine, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the gesture, and maybe it’ll lead to some special Valentine’s Day festivities!

These are just a few of the romantic, beautiful, cute, etc. things some of our favorite celebs are up to this Valentine’s Day. For all you single ladies and gentleman, don’t give up hope just yet though. There is still time and I’m sure Cupid has a few good arrows left for you. Hopefully he is saving one for me too!



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