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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension REVIEW

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Before you head to the movies to see this movie my review is a must read: Tonight I got a chance to watch the latest installment in The Paranormal series. I was happy that they started off where Paranormal Activity 4 ended, now mind you they have one other Paranormal Activity that had nothing to do with the installment so it made no difference.

So we find a new family that has moved into the paranormal activity house but the dad finds a old VHS camcorder, he starts playing around with it, but realizes that the camcorder is more than than just a recording object. It shows something that the naked eye can’t see.  The 3D effect really made the movie better, it had it’s moments where we jumped a little, screamed here and there, but as a whole the movie was worth my time and I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good fright right before Halloween.

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