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Peter Gunz Reveals Why He Broke Up with Amina


As you watched tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NYC you saw that Amina and Peter went there separate ways… Amina took baby Cory to Germany where Amina’s from and Peter is of course still confused about where he should be, but how do you break up with your WIFE? Did anyone file for divorce?

According to VH1 Gossip
Peter Gunz was in a recent interview with Hit Online Radio show ” Have a Seat” & revealed a lot of shocking news. Peter revealed his relationship status with Ex Tara Wallace. On the show it seemed like they were rekindling their romance, but that not what really happened. Peter announced he and Tara are not engaged despite the speculation across the internet. Peter also revealed that Amina and Him broke it off after the bahamas trip, which we will see on an episode of Love & Hip Hop soon.

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