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PETTY: Dwight Howard Garnishes Baby Mother Royce Reed’s Bank Account For Going Against Gag Order


The shade is so real with this, former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed hasn’t been able to discuss Dwight Howard due to a confidentiality agreement she signed when she first expressed interest in doing the show. Apparently she violated that order years ago and because of it, a judge ordered her to fork over $535,000. Via The Jasmine Brand.

According to

Back in 2010, Dwight won a $535,000 judgement against Royce after a Florida judge agreed with the NBA star that she had violated a confidentiality agreement the two signed.
Dwight has been attempting to collect on the judgement for years and he filed court docs to garnish her bank account and wages but has been unsuccessful to collect on the majority of the money he is owed. Then in 2012, Dwight filed docs trying to have all money that Royce had in her Credit Union account be handed over to start chipping away at the 535k debt she owed him and it looks like he was successful.
On January 27th, docs were filed in the case which show that Royce had $2,432.64 garnished from her account and given to Dwight, not even close to the 535k but it’s a start.
The two exes are still battling in court over child support and custody of their son Braylon, along with a still pending investigation into allegations Dwight abused his son.


I bet she regrets laying up with that man everyday! She can’t breathe without him taking her to court for it! Ladies, we have got to stop getting involved with these fuckboys. As soon as you see signs of fuckboyness (and the signs are there, early ), leave the relationship. DON’T think you can change him if you stay and definitely don’t have sex or a kid with him!

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