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Porsha Williams Talks Kandi’s Husband Having Side Chicks x Kandi Dipping In The Lady Pond For The Last 7 Years!

Let me tell you, this reunion show is going to be a hot mess, Kandi and Porsha have been coming for each other this whole season and it’s getting messier by the day..

Porsha is revealing that Todd has a name he uses with his side chicks, he has them call him “MARVIN”… Porsha also goes in to talk about Kandi’s kitty kat, claiming that it’s rotten… But how would she know ? And that Kandi has been in a relationship with another woman for seven years…

Porsha better hold on to her wig, because Kandi does not play about her man, She can’t rely on Phaedra to back her up either. Peep video below:

Kandi was very calm, meaning Porsha had some accurate points Kandi gets buck any other time, but now she walks away?? When Porsha is talking about her man? Miss “Don’t talk about my kids, my man, or my mama” just walks away?

To be honest, Porsha may not be the smartest, but look how she clocked Peter to Cynthia… Why do you think Cynthia was so pissed at Porsha? Sometimes people know the truth about their failing relationship and instead of addressing their partner they get mad at everyone else. This reunion is going to be so GOOOOOOD!

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