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Rapper Khia Debuts New Reality Show Pilot Titled “Hell & Back”

Khia and TS Madison are trying to expand their brand… Khia released a reality show TV pilot that will feature herself, TS Madison, former video Vixen Gloria Velez, former Murder Inc rapper Vita  and Lady Luck…

Here is a summary of the show:

In the world of Hip Hop, even promising artists fall from fame. Some before it begins, others at the height of their career. Yet through it all, their love of hip hop and respect for the culture remained. Female artists almost never achieve the level of success their talents warrant. Some don’t achieve notoriety because of their poor choices, while others for reasons outside their control. Hell and Back serves as a platform where these artists discuss their struggles, their mistakes, and lessons learned as they form new friendships and journey back into the world of hip hop. It’s time for redemption…….

I’m perched…. I’ll watch, just need better sound and screening…

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