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Rihanna Inks $25 Million Dollar Sponsorship Deal With Samsung


Rihanna just inked a $25 Million dollar sponsorship deal with Samsung to sponsor her upcoming album and tour. This is perfect timing for the Galaxy S7 rumored to be coming out early (January?) of next year.

According to NY Post

The Rihanna deal follows seven months of talks and is the biggest music-marketing tie-up in recent memory. Hammering out the details took longer than expected in part because Rihanna made some last-minute tweaks to the album, sources said. Samsung wants to use Rihanna to help promote its Galaxy line of products and wants exclusive use of Rihanna-related video content to release via its Milk Music radio service, sources said. An open question is whether Jay Z’s Tidal streaming music service will gain any exclusivity given that Rihanna is a backer.

Samsung, which has also cut deals with NBA player LeBron James, will be integrally involved in any Rihanna tour, sources said.



Congrats to Rih for all the major business moves she’s consistently been making since 2013. The grind & hustle never stops, even while on break.

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