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Sam Smith Put Other Artist on Blast For Being Rude and Not Humble


Every time I see Sam Smith he reminds me of a younger Boy George.. Anywho,
In the new issue of V magazine, the 22-year-old “Stay With Me” singer bonds with music icon Chaka Khan while also calling out some of today’s younger industry acts.

Sam tells Chaka:
“Even when you meet them—I won’t name names—but some of these pop stars are just awful,” Smith said in his interview with Khan. “And they have not even had half the success that you’ve had and yet you’re so humble and kind.”

“Well, it’s people skills,” Khan replied. “Talking to a screen all day long takes the human experience out. Luckily I grew up in a time when we only had a telephone at home.”

Now, Sam Sis, If you’re going to call out pop stars, then go all the way and name names…. Ariana Grande immediately popped into my head when I read his response..



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