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Sean “Diddy” Combs x AQUAhydrate

Diddy’s new partnership with the former CEO of Fiji, John Cochran, warrants a quick reaction since 2012 as it seems to be a scandalous secret. It is worth a bottle of Fiji and Evian as the pricing of AQUAhydrate competes with Fiji and Evian; AQUAhydrate is privately owned by a group of  investors such as Sean Combs, Mark Wahlberg and Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies .

Anthony Anderson and Marlon Wayans

He has put his musical career on hold yet again to be the figurine of fitness with his new business partners insisting that this is more than an act. They have launched events referencing for AQUAhydrate the bottled process of alkaline water higher than a ph balance of 7.

It is fact that the water’s DNA is changed through the purification process of AQUAhydrate. This a scandalous secret that is publicized in the most with eventful comedy from many celebrities weighing in on the topic. Stars such as Anthony Anderson, who has played urban roles on sitcoms from Law and Order and The Bernie Mac Show and Black-ish supports the activism on its carpet September 7, 2016.

There have been numerous celebrities from Rick Ross, French Montana and KeKe Palmer revealing dope ways for everyone to incorporate AQUAhydrate with self, interfering with the mission of the water.

AQUAhydrate Mission:
“We create, craft and deliver innovative and high quality beverages that provide you with a healthy balance of nutritional benefits so you could perform at the top of your game, no matter what drives you . . .”

As brand architect, he is the driving force the company experiences during the marketing process of the urban water brand. The most richest Hip-Hop act involves himself in business affairs as usual by rescuing AQUAhydrate from prior business agreements. Sean “Diddy” Combs has tweeted that he is a fan of 50 cent and Vitamin water However, AQUAhydrate “is a cross between Gatorade and Poland Spring”. Diddy was apparently introduced to AQUAhydrate by Mark Wahlberg at a boxing match in Las Vegas, Neveda. He was given a few bottles by Wahlberg himself and took them back to his room in Las Vegas.

Diddy quotes:

“I went out that night and had a Vegas night, and I woke up and had a Vegas morning,” says Diddy. “I drank two of the bottles and it was like the best tasting water that I’ve tasted. And it really honestly helped me recover.”

AQUAhydrate focuses on recovery in the most simplest form. Though the scandalous affair isn’t fresh and new it reveals much about Diddy’s force within nature. His videos of recovery and live streams introducing the product into a Hip-hop artist  lifestyle reflect his resilient attitude and aggression in business. Whether Diddy has abandoned music or not this isn’t an open book tailgating the reaction of the multitudes.

Rick Ross, Diddy, French Montana

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