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Selling it In the ATL Star Lies About Autistic Son With Dr. Dre… ?

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Let me tell you guys something about the majority of people in Atlanta, they are some big liars and this new show ‘Selling it in the ATL’ is revealing that… One of the cast members of the show Gwen Boyd Moss hinted at Dr. Dre being the father of her autistic son…

Now Dr. Dre did have a relationship with Gwen back in the early 90’s and gave her son Justin Dr. Dre’s last name and started paying her child support. But Dr. Dre wasn’t convinced..

So According to TMZ

We’re told Dre actually began paying Gwen child support and did so for years. But in 1998 Dre got a new lawyer, who asked him why he was convinced he was Justin’s dad. Dre said he just assumed he was, but the lawyer insisted he get a DNA test. Dre actually got 2 tests, which show he is NOT the father. A judge ruled Dre was not the dad so Dre stopped paying child support.

Apparently it did not go over well with Gwen. She raised Justin, who is autistic, and continues to care for him. He’s now 20.
We’re told WeTV is about to air an episode in which Gwen reveals the name of Justin’s dad, but it’s bleeped — we’re told for legal reasons. Anyone watching will be able to connect the dots, because Gwen talks about various businesses in which Dre is involved.
We’re told Gwen believes the DNA tests were doctored and is adamant Dre is the father.

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