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Shelah Marie Talks How Yoga Made Her Relationship With Ace Hood Stronger

If you don’t know anything about Shelah, just know she’s winning. From body goals, hair goals, relationship goals, and career goals she’s definitely doing her thing.

The actress sat down with Xonecole to discuss how Yoga made a huge impact on her relationship with rapper Ace Hood.

“I’ve always been interested in what you can do with you body, and I’ve always taken dance classes, so fitness is just an extension of me challenging myself physically and mentally and sharpening my tools.”
Shelah started doing Yoga about four years ago. Her main goal was to stretch to increase her flexibility, but somehow ended becoming dedicated to Yogo.

She tried everything through mediation and discipline, but it was Ace Hood idea for them to try Yoga.

 “Ace is an open person and he’s very smart, so he can tune into when something can be good to you, and he’s like I’ll give it a try at least. But he was actually really interested in yoga before I introduced him he just never had the opportunity.
She found Yogo guru Racheal Weathers, who does private lessons with the couple.

“I followed her for like a year before that, and I remember thinking look what she’s doing with her body! I’m attracted to people who do interesting things with their body, because it’s a reflection of other things to me. I saw her discipline, she’s super flexible, and can do all of these cool poses. She used to move me man,” says Shelah to Xonecole. 

Shelah on Ace Hood, “I think he’s so brave. I used to tell him that in the beginning, just being with a black girl who has natural hair and not being afraid to go out and meditate, I think it’s brave for somebody in his position. He’s going to wake the game up and let them know what time it is!”


When asked how Yoga has impact their relationship she responded, “I would say it changed many parts of our relationship. The fundamental idea of yoga, if I understand correctly, is yoga and meditation are together. Because it takes the meditation to soothe yourself and actual tangible actions that you have to do. And that’s why it’s beneficial for a couple because it goes both ways.”

Well you know what they say, a couple that works out together stay together. That’s not actually true, but it’s good to see their relationship can strengthen by just doing Yogo.

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