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Sherri Shepherd Co-Host The Real and Talks Getting Stood Up By Katt Williams

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First of all can you even see this union ? Sherri Shepherd co-hosted the Real today and she told an interesting story about the time she was supposed to go on a date with Katt Williams, she talked about getting all dolled up only to be left hanging…

According to Madamenoire Sherri on her date with Katt:

There was another comic, his name I should not mention because he’s huge now. This was just a date. He asked me if I wanted to go golfing. I don’t golf. So I went out and bought a whole set of clubs. I bought the little sun visor. I bought a special golf wig. I bought the shoes, everything. He confirmed and everything. I sat there all day and waited, and waited, and waited. So I called my girl, Niecy Nash, she was working on Reno 911. I said, ‘We going over there, I’m going to bust all the windows out of all eight of his cars!’
He stood me up, so she came over and we got in the car and she was like, ‘Diva do you really want to? It’s bad publicity!’ I was like, ‘Any publicity is good publicity. We about to climb over the gated community fence and we’re going to tear up his gate!’ So we got there. Here’s the problem with trying to get over gated community walls: They’re too high. I think I got arthritis in my knee cause I tried to jump over the wall and it wouldn’t work. Niecy and I, we ended up going back for drinks.”
Eventually, Shepherd told the ladies who this date disser was (they incorrectly guessed Eddie Murphy, Tommy Davidson, Tracy Morgan and even Chris Tucker), to which Tamar Braxton responded, “You let Katt stand you up?!” So Shepherd continued with her story:
“He said he was going to have the plane pick me up and take me golfing! I got stood up. I took the clubs back, I took the golfing outfit back, I took the visor back. He acted like he didn’t stand me up! I said, ‘What happened?’ He was like, ‘I didn’t stand you up! I didn’t stand you up!’ He said it just like that!”



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