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Star Interviews Flatbush H Mob & The Frosty Boys About How They Ran Safaree Out of The Hood


This was so sad when Safaree was trying to shoot his video for his single in Brooklyn and got harassed by Goon’s and forced out.. The worst part is, one of the guys involved in this is  possible friends with Meek Mill. Now they’re speaking out… Saying that Safaree claimed Flatbush as his hood and they wasn’t having that! I swear it feels like boondocks has turned in to real life, I hate these Social Media Look at Me Gangstas, but we’re supposed to take you seriously when we’re naming ourselves after a Wendy’s product now ?

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H Mob & The Frosty Boys sat down with radio veteran Star for a quick Q&A about their potential involvement in Safaree “SB” Samuels getting pressed in Brooklyn and the footage that immediately went viral. They initially don’t admit it was them, but shake their head in agreement when Star says the guilty parties are “guys who resemble you.” They also believe there is more footage out there that may or may not surface over time. Later, they speak on having to stop filming their upcoming miniseries, saying they “swooped in on him, and then we kept it moving.”

They also believe one must “check in” when visiting a hood to which they do not belong, and while SB may have lived in Brooklyn once, he’s since moved to California and hadn’t actually lived there in years. They also believe SB addressed them on his new song, “Computers.”



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