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State officials are begging Trump to send help after tornado deaths Sunday. He’s doing nothing!

This is who ya’ll voted for, officials have pleaded with Donald Trump for assistance after at least 20 people were killed by storms and tornadoes that caused devastation authorities likened to the impact of a nuclear blast. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said he had dispatched a letter to Trump pleading for help after four people were killed in his state.

According to NBC News:

He said more 1,000 homes were damaged in Hattiesburg and surrounding Forrest County alone — 239 of which were obliterated.

In Dougherty County, Georgia, where four people were killed, county commission Chairman Chris Cohilas said Monday that he has been “begging FEMA for boots on the ground,” referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“I’m asking President Trump to cut through the red tape and get people on the damned ground here,” he said.

It’s funny that Trump had so much to say when Obama stayed on vacation during the floods. Even though he was already helping and the governor asked him not to come yet.

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