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Leto Doesn’t Want To Commit To Angelina Jolie

Sources  have confirmed that Jared Leto does not want to commit to the beautiful actress. The intimate relationship has been going on for years now and isn’t ending anytime soon. Unless, Kris Jenner follows through with her plans to hook Leto up with one of her daughters than Leto is probably just hurt. If you couldn’t keep up with the Kardashians then you can’t keep up with them now.

There have been talks about Kris Jenner, secretly, wanting Jared to date a Kardashian. Is Kim pushing Kanye West to the background and moving on? I am so mad that I could actually see Leto dating one of the Kardashians’ on and off screen. Apparently, Leto had an intimate relationship with Angelina before she jumped the broom with Brad Pitt.

It looks like new beginnings to me. The ‘Suicide Squad’ actor Jared Leto has a list of ex-girlfriends so who is going to be his next ex? Star magazine hasn’t confirmed reports that Kris Jenner was talking Jared’s ear off during Paris Fashion Week. It was said, by Jenner, “she’d die to have him as a son-in-law” during dinner for Balmain. Is she trying to scare him away or what?

What’s next for Leto, whether its a Kardashian, an Oscar or another Academy Award? He’s a busy man, Leto reportedly making a directorial debut with ’77’; expect to see Jared Leto with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in ‘Blade Runner 2049′(oct 17, 2017).


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