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Supermodel Chanel Iman’s Love Game!

Supermodel Chanel Iman was supposed to be dating Jordan Clarkson of the LA Lakers as of August 2015,but there were no reports of the two breaking up. Jordan has not talked to sources about any future plans with the Sports Illustrated model, but she hasn’t talked to anyone about her new situationship with rookie Sterling Shepard or whether her and Jordan Clarkson are officially done!

The two paint a good picture when disposing of their relationship troubles as  Jordan and Kendall Jenner were caught together without Chanel Iman. More recently a friend posted a picture of Chanel Iman and New York Giants “Rookie” Sterling Shepard getting up close and personal, half naked, disassociating herself with the company of Victoria Secret and ex-fiance rap star ASAP Rocky.

Caught in a lovers quarrel with her arms around another athlete; she’s also pictured being fearless on every runway. She struts, but from court to court, field to field, and stage to stage dating every “new booty” in the game. Could this potentially lead to more job opportunities for the Supermodel?

Spending most of her time with Sterling Shepard in the streets of New York City defining her, moments; indefinitely, for more ridicule from former contractor Victoria Secret.

Sterling Shepard and Chanel Iman

In 2017, Chanel Iman hasn’t wasted anytime patching up her differences with former agencies and exes: throwing all of her attention to wide receiver of the New York Giants, Sterling Shepard, he catches and scores a touch down with the young hot thing. There could actually be a small flame between the two.

She seems to get cozy with the ones that could protect her from the next. In early December 2016, Sterling received backlash from Ezekiel Elliot for using the Cowboys slogan “Dem Boyz”, on Instagram, posing much confusion on who is playing who. Jordan Clarkson hasn’t made it clear whether or not Chanel Iman is being put into the “dog house” for cheating on him with Sterling Shepard, but now we know ex-Victoria Secret’s model Chanel Iman is no “rookie” when it comes to playing the field.

Is Supermodel Chanel Iman single? Or Just friends leading to a very destructive lifestyle for the young supermodel dismissing all ideas that her career as a Supermodel is over.

Formula One Racing Car Driver, Lewis Hamilton, has also been seen getting personal with Supermodel Chanel Iman in Barbados


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