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Tamar & Vince Owe $1.6M to IRS; In Danger of Losing Mansion ?


Uhh Oh! Tamar and Vince are in a bit of trouble with the IRS as they now owe them some serious money and to add insult to injury they’re in danger of losing their Calabasas, CA. mansion, according to a source.

According to Auntie

The source also revealed they owe the IRS $1.6 million! “She will be out of her house in Calabasas by the end of the year,” said the source.
The source said the couple’s mansion is sitting empty because they can’t afford furniture. “How do you live in a mansion and you can’t afford to put furniture in it?” said the source. The cost to furnish a typical mansion in the Calabasas area exceeds $300,000 — cash that Braxton and Herbert apparently don’t have.
In addition to leasing the mansion, the source said Tamar and Vince’s cars are also leased — the ones that aren’t already repossessed for breaking the lease agreement.
The source told exclusively that Tamar owes everyone money, and she has worn out her welcome at recording studios in LA. “Producers won’t work with her until she pays them up front,” said the source, who added that Tamar’s personal hairstylist Terrell quit because she was late paying him.


This just goes to show, all that glitters isn’t gold and a lot of people in the music industry aren’t doing as well as they like you to think.

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