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Taylor Swift’s Guitar Teacher Talks About Her Mom Being a Tyrant and Him Being Behind Her Claim to Fame..

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 28, 2014

The man behind teaching Taylor Swift how to play an acoustic guitar is coming forward and telling the world how she truly rose to fame. He goes by the name of Ronnie Cremer who’s a computer repair man that Taylor’s team forgot about when telling the story about her guitar lesson sessions. He talks about his first encounter with Swift. Cremer even talked about Taylor’s mom being a Tyrant and would yell and abuse him over the phone if he tried to do fewer hours so he could focus on his business.

When he was at their house, her parents had a tense relationship and her mother would strictly control Taylor’s diet. She tried to get Taco Bell once and her mother said, “No one likes a fat popstar.

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According to the NY Daily News

Ronnie has seen Taylor recount it on many TV shows, and has wished to hear what he says is the full version:
“The first time I heard of Taylor, my brother had a theater company. They would have parties after the show, and they would do karaoke. My mom would attend these.”
Ronnie continues: “I only met Taylor face-to-face in 2002. I had a shop up in Leesport. It was a computer shop, and that’s where I had my little studio. My brother brought Taylor and her mom and her brother over and introduced me, and said, ‘would you be interested in recording a demo?’
“It was a couple cover songs. I recorded the demo for her. It wasn’t a great demo, but it was a demo.
“After I did the demo, I was approached again by my brother, and by Andrea Swift. ‘Would I be interested in giving guitar lessons for Taylor? We’re trying to teach her how to play country music.’ I said, ‘I don’t know if I can teach country music. I don’t know the first thing about country music. I know rock music.’

But eventually we did get together. They came out to my place once, but from there on in we met at her house in Wyomissing.”
And from there, Ronnie says, they continued working, two evenings a week, $32 per hour.
So, he never went over to fix her computer?
“Honestly, it was probably months before I even looked at a computer for them,” Ronnie says.
“I did do computer work for them, but the computer work eventually came after I started doing guitar work. It went from teaching her guitar, to teaching her how to structure songs.”

This is a perfectly fine story, but how does Ronnie feel about Swift’s shortened version?
“I never wanted to be the person who always begrudged someone’s success,” he says. “And for whatever reason, and I don’t know if I’m even mad at the Swifts. It’s just that their publicity team, that doesn’t sell as good: A 36-year-old bald guy taught her. That ain’t gonna work. If you say, he worked with her six hours a week, it was basically Tuesdays and Thursday from 5 to 8. That ain’t gonna sell.”

Ronnie was also trying to help build a website for Taylor, but says that Andrea Swift made that job difficult.
“That was eventually what led me to part ways with Andrea, because she was just like a bull in a china shop,” he says. “If you didn’t drop what you were doing to work on whatever Taylor wanted, she would lose her mind.”
There were other glimpses of the household that struck Ronnie as darker.
“They didn’t have a good relationship, the mother and father,” Ronnie says. “(Scott) used to tell me… ‘I got a wife that doesn’t love me. I’m trying to help my daughter out, and do all the right things, and my wife could care less.’ So it was a weird dynamic.”
And  For the kicker: “Her brother Austin, who was a little chubby at the time — he’s not that now — he wanted Taco Bell,” Ronnie recalls. “Taylor said, ‘I want Taco Bell, too.’ And her mother went out and got Taco Bell, but only gave it to Austin because she said, ‘nobody wants to see a fat pop star.’ She said that to Taylor. So Taylor had to eat a salad.”The Swifts, through their publicist, declined multiple requests for comment.


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