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Teyana Taylor Disappointed In Album Turnout Says Kanye Told Her There Would Be No Single or Visuals

Teyana Taylor is very disappointed in Kanye West and how he handled the roll out of her sophomore album K.T.S.E..

Taylor sat down with Ebro to discuss her confusion around the situation.

According to Madamnoire:

“At first I didn’t really know that it was going to be the five album thing until we had our last meeting,” Taylor says, adding that initially her album and Pusha-T’s were meant to be released around the same time (Pusha’s DAYTONA ended up being the first album released, and K.T.S.E came out last). “Once [Kanye] said his [album] and everybody else, I was a little nervous at first. I was like ‘Y’all n****s is legends, I ain’t trying to be up in the middle of all of that’.” Taylor says she ended up “going with the flow” out of her desire to release the music she had prepared.

However, there were some elements of the rollout Teyana was not aware of.

“I didn’t know ahead of time that there wouldn’t be any singles or visuals,” she said. “But I knew that it was going to be the five-album thing, [Kanye] wanted [my album] to be last, you know, he wanted mine to be the biggest. That’s the way they sauced it up. I was sold.”

Clearly, she’s not happy and has expressed her disapproval in another interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood. She did say that the new songs will appear in soon-to-be released visuals.

There are some who have argued that given all we’ve witnessed from Kanye as of late, it should come as no surprise that he couldn’t deliver for her in the way he promised.

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