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The After-Effects Of Black Panther & Why You Should Watch It Again

The best motivation in life is experiencing real life perspectives in moments in which you could relate to for life knowledge. This movement allows us to decide the path that we will choose to live in; and in the 21st century, movies and TV shows are one of the biggest influencers in these depictions.

In the movie Black Panther, Wakanda is the representation of Moors thriving in Excellence and this realization is becoming greater everyday as indigenous people all over the world embody their true culture especially in America.

Growing up Melanted has always been the best gift and the worst curse in this day and age as we see how much stereotypes and stigmas are put before us which makes it tougher to visualize positive role models especially in Western countries which is where some of the greatest movie were made.

The idea of a Great African Nation has always been the great thought of this century seeing that we are in a times where Moor descendants all over the world are set in their goal to recreate what was once a reigning empire.

As most movie watchers know, Hollywood is known to release the most eye popping motion pictures remakes of legendary tales for they have the drive, budget, and the limitless amount of resources to make it what it is.

With that said the track record of Hollywood casts have always been of EUropean descent for numerous amount of roles that could and should have been played by the appropriate character matches in correlation their story history; so when Black Panther debuted, it was a refreshing shocker to see Melanated people play their true roles as successful leaders in the eye of the world.

This motion picture has validated what needed to be validated for Moor people all over the world  in order to claim their existence within their true nations; whether the reason be because of their enemies finally seeming to accept them or at least give them the respect that they’ve always wanted all along on the big screen.

In this case, it is a win win situation as Disney and Hollywood we’re able to bank on Movie sales, the moors and unbeknownst African Americans can finally feel more proud to dress in their native wears and act like their true selves for the world to see.

This movie is indeed a classic and worth watching more than once because you will motivated to move to Wakanda, embrace the spirit of the Black Panther, and educate other Melanated people around about working together in peace and Harmony.

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