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The Dream Talks New Marriage, Lil Wayne & Christina Milian, With The Breakfast Club


The Dream sat down with the Breakfast Club to talk about what’s been going on with his life, as you know he was fired from Def Jam, but he claims now that he left on his own because he wanted to leave. The Dream says that he and Christina Milian have a very good relationship and encourages her all the time… He even talks about Lil Wayne contacting him about seeing his ex-wife Christina Milian….. Check the cliff notes inside.

*Gave Christina half the publishing for Justin’s song “Baby” because he wanted her to be happy.

*Happily married. Says he’s a hopeless romantic, and he loves being married. Says it’s less drama this time. She’s doesn’t call his phone all the time wondering where he’s at and she’s not in the industry.

*Still Listens to Christina’s music before it comes out and still encourages her

*defended her after Charlamagne said that her music was never gonna happen.

*couldn’t discuss the situation with ex who claimed he beat her while she was pregnant, because it’s still an ongoing case.

*he watched one episode of Empire, and that’s it.

*Wants to do a James Bond movie.

*says he and Lil Wayne have had one conversation about their women (In common). Says Wayne called him and told him about him seeing Christina before it hit the blogs.

*says everybody is grown and they can do what they want.

*says Wayne was being a gentleman, because if it was the other way around, he wouldn’t have called.

*says he met his current wife years ago.

*says his marriage problems with Christina had more to do with her family then it did them.

*Says Cheating wasn’t the problem. (Charlamagne said he got an email from Christina saying that she’s in town and she wants to come on the Breakfast club)

*Says he wouldn’t have a problem with his 17 year old daughter dating a man who was much older than her (They asked him about Tyga and Kylie). Says he’s from the south.


You can tell he learned his lesson from running is mouth and is keeping it cute and vague.


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