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The Shade: Karrine Steffans Leaked Text Messages of Lil Wayne Apologizing on Christina’s Behalf

The Shade is all too real with Karrine Steffans. Last week her and Christina Milian were beefing back and forth about Lil Wayne and Christina fired back at Karrine by saying that, she’s just mad no man has ever claimed her… Well Karrine must of told Wayne to check his girl because he’s apologizing for her actions.

According to

Steffans is responding via Instagram once more, sharing a text message presumably between herself and the man in the middle of all of this, Lil Wayne. In the text, Wayne says he can’t believe Milian would say such things about Steffans, and proceeds to apologize on Milian’s behalf, saying he thanks Karrine for being a lady while Milian didn’t behave as such.



Do you believe he text this or is she up to her old tricks again? Because she just made Wayne look like a simp…

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