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It’s been awhile since I’ve actually touched on relationships or lifestyle posts. However,
recently I’ve gotten a hold to a book that I absolutely enjoy reading which has inspired me to give you some SWEET TEA! I came across The Single Christian Woman’s Guide by an author I met via social media, Russelyn Williams. By her words alone I could tell her spirit was so gentle

(I pick up on vibes quickly) and sweet that I KNEW she had to be God sent. I was going through a few personal things in my dating life at the time that no one knew about. Some way she ended up messaging me and asked if I would take a read on her guide. Despite the time it’s taking me to read it for my own busy-ness, this book has opened my eyes in the 20th century dating world.

I recommend this book if you are at a point of discouragement because you feel the time its taking to find a spouse is too long. Let me make this more clear and say the right spouse that is. If you’ve battled with rejection, feelings of loneliness, or settling for less than your worth then Williams’ guide is something you should consider. The author beautifully paints the portrait of the day to day struggles single christian women face. However, I don’t want to just single out christian women despite what the title says. As I read the pages I felt that any woman, even those who have not yet found Christ could take something from this.

The Single Christian Woman’s Guide discusses the issues of bitterness and voids that attract the wrong men and behaviors into our lives. Williams has a strong biblical background and offers most of her advice from that standpoint especially when it comes to sex.

Though I haven’t completed the entire book yet, I’m more confident and strong in accepting that singleness is not a form of rejection but a season of grooming. This book can serve as a reminder that a woman should see value in herself and maximize it to her full potential.


“The stigma, shame, embarrassment, side-eye, misunderstanding, and judgement of being single goes along with the territory of being single. it is assumed that the person who is single and has been single for some time-20 years, 30 years, 40 years or more- must have something wrong with her. She is looked at as being unable to produce, receive, or maintain a healthy relationship”

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