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Tim Gunn isn’t here for the Kardashian Empire he speaks out

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The Huffington Post did an interview with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and he slams the Kardashians as he calls their fashion sense ‘vulgar’ and says that they have an ‘aura of yuck’. He helps hone the craft of the fastest rising stars in the fashion world every week on Project Runway. 
But don’t expect Tim Gunn to mentor the Kardashians regarding their style any time soon.
The 62-year-old fashion consultant was very outspoken about the famous reality family during an interview with HuffPost Live on Thursday.

Tim pulled no punches as he took aim at Kanye West’s first clothing line, Kendall Jenner’s modelling career and even called the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast’s sense of style ‘vulgar.’
The chief creative officer at Liz Claiborne, Inc said: ‘There are large issues
‘But when it comes to fashion, I say to people all the time “If you want guidance in fashion, just consider this: If a Kardashian is wearing it, don’t.”‘ He did not stop there as he finished: ‘I think it’s vulgar. Given the amount of public exposure that the Kardashians have to potentially be sending the message to people that you, too, can dress like this. No.’

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Tim also went on to discuss the modelling career of 20-year-old Kendall Jenner, who will soon be walking the catwalk for the famed Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. He seemed a bit puzzled by her career as he said: ‘I think absolutely nothing to be perfectly honest.
‘And I’m assuming there’s a huge, perhaps million-dollars-a-month publicity wagon that is pulling these girls along and creating these lives for them. I’m distrustful of it, and I find it all distasteful.’ ‘She may be a perfectly lovely young woman,’ he added. ‘
Though he seemed rather apathetic about the rising model’s career, he did have some strong opinions on 38-year-old rapper Kanye’s new clothing line. Tim commented on his Yeezy Season  designs by saying: ‘I think they’re a bunch of dumb clothes just basic pieces’….

Kanye released his first line of clothing last week to much fanfare as several diehards even camped out in front of luxury stores just for a chance to purchase the garments and duck boots. Project Runway wrapped up it’s fourteenth season this week and Tim has starred on every one of them.

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