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Tony Rock Calls Steve Harvey Fake, Says Wife Marjorie Was His Mistress And Who Made Him The Voice of Blacks ?

Chris Rock’s brother Tony Rock has a few words for Steve Harvey, he is not pleased with Steve Harvey meeting with Donald Trump to talk about issues within the black community.

Tony even talks about his relationship and book advice of his being BS because his now wife Marjorie was his mistress to his second wife… Marjorie being a mistress is old news, but I’ll sit for more.

Doesn’t like the fact that black people have put him on such a high pedal stool as some relationship expert or guru!

Karma comes back in so many different ways and never thought him meeting with Trump would be a big problem but now that fire under steve’s ass is getting heavier.. Even his Karma for hating on Bernie Mac when he did Ocean’s Eleven.. Here’s an Ebony Magazine interview Bernie Mac did recalling the feud:

“But perhaps his biggest break came when he was offered the part as a blackjack-dealing ex-con in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. With a cast that included Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Julia Roberts, Mac, by far the novice of the group, became a household name to a whole new set of people. The movie was a huge success, but caused a riff in his relationship with his Kings of Comedy co-star Steve Harvey. As the story goes, someone representing Harvey called Ocean’s Eleven director Steven Soderbergh to push for Harvey to get the part over Mac. “The Hollywood game that we are in, it’s a cold game,” he says of the person who tried to convince Soderbergh that Harvey was more popular and a better actor. “And the sad thing about it is all of us are doing well, so I don’t really see the problem. It didn’t bother me because I see the big picture. When they told me about it, what could I do? I’m not going to sling mud. I’m not a rapper. I tell jokes. I try to make people laugh. I’m not going to sling mud. Steve and anybody else can say whatever they want to say. Ain’t nobody got no control over me. I have the control.”

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